The Gundua Foundation

The Gundua Foundation was initiated by Intellecta in 2007 to concentrate the different aid and donor initiatives within the Intellecta Group on one common CSR-commitment and to allow for concrete and measurable changes. Since then, the foundation has worked to give especially children and youngsters a better life by providing education and health services in a poor rural area in Northern Kenya. Intellecta has been deeply involved in the Foundation right from the start ,and this commitment is on-going and increasing.

A lump sum is donated every year and a number of the Intellecta Group’s employees contribute by donating an amount of their monthly salary to the Foundation. Intellecta also contributes with personnel and helps the Foundation with web development and production of communication materials.

What differentiates Gundua Foundation from other non-profit associations is its focus and clarity. The Foundation undertakes very concrete activities generating immediate results. As of today, the Foundation operates several projects in Ex-Lewa, Kenya – Gundua Secondary School, Gundua Primary School and Gundua Health Centre.

The Foundation has a minimum of administration and expenses outside of these projects, all means go therefore directly to those who need them most– children and youngsters, in Ex-Lewa.

The surroundings of Ex-Lewa are fertile when it comes to the land, but the people are generally very poor. The population survives close to on subsistence level, large families share simple metal sheds or huts without electricity, running water or sewers. It’s dirty and the living conditions very rough. There is however a road towards a better life for the children, and that road goes via good education and health– and therein lies the Foundation’s whole commitment in Ex-Lewa.

The Foundation’s projects in Ex-Lewa are living proof that even small, but focused efforts can go a long way. The Foundation has achieved a lot and there are many opportunities to continue to evolve and deepen the commitment. Gundua Foundation is non-profit association dependent on its partners and donors. If you want to know more about the Foundation, please visit:,


Gundua Foundation aims to contribute to development, health and democracy in developing countries. H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the patron of the Foundation and honorary member of the Gundua Board of Directors. Initiator and founder of the Foundation is Intellecta AB.